Friday, July 25, 2008

Well today is the day!!!!

We are in Portland, OR at Sean's Dads.  We got here about 7:15pm last night.  Lori made a great dinner and we got to visit with family we had not seen in 1 1/2 years.  We also got to meet a new cousin "Spencer", he is 3 months and soooo cute!!!!  The older boys really enjoyed holding him and so did Auntie April!
We are looking forward to my brother coming over with his girls this morning before we leave.   Soren has not seen their other new cousin "Lois", she is also almost 3 months.
I will post pics of the new cousins later, Sean downloaded them on his computer so I will have him send them to me.
We are packed and ready to go, I cant believe it!  The younger boys are back at home having fun with their Great Aunt and Uncle's this week.  Next week my Mom will come and stay with them until we get back home.  She has a lot of fun things planned with them to keep them busy.
I better wake the rest of the crew up and get this show on the road!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

So do you like the new look??

Did Rebecca do a awesome job or what!!!!!  Thank you so much, I love my blog!!!!
Okay, so we have two more days and we are on a jet plane.  Everything is taken care of now we have to start packing and do some last minute house cleaning.  We also need to change the car seats around for when we return and my Mom picks us up at the airport.  Two days, I cant believe it!!!!  
It is going to be so hard to leave the youngest too kiddos,  I really wish we could have taken everyone and gone as a complete family.  Thank goodness for Skype, at least we will be able to see and talk to each other over the computer.
We have zero humidity where we live so we are not looking forward to the weather in Guangzhou.  I will be living in tanks and skirts and my favorite chacos!!
Well time to get packing!!!  I will also download some pics soon of Ava's room it is 3/4 finished.  Until next time....

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

One Week, but who is counting!!!

I cant not believe we have one week until we leave!!!  I am still working on my list, I think the only thing I have left are gifts for the nanny and director.  It seems every time I go to the store this last couple of weeks it is another $100 and I have been several times.  I also still need to super clean my house and prepare for the two younger boys to stay behind.
Tomorrow I will go shopping for new sheets for our bed before anyone else sleeps in it!!  We have one pair of King sheets that we have had for over 7 years and I just wash them and put them back on.  I would not pay anyone to sleep on them! :-)  I just hate spending the money for King sheets they are so expensive.

We are still debating whether we should bring antibiotics for ourselves?  We don't really have a doctor here yet so I don't know if any doctor would even give us any??  We have lots of other meds we are bringing.

My new face lift on my blog should be ready soon, it looks great!!  We are just changing a couple of things then it should be ready to go.  I cant wait for everyone to see it Rebecca did an awesome job!  Until next time......

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

2 weeks until we leave!!!

I can not believe we have two weeks until we leave!  We spent a couple of hours at the store last night getting things from our ever growing list.  We still need to make another trip, it got too late and we went home.
It felt so weird to be buying diapers and wipes again.  I nursed my four boys, then they went straight to cups so I have never done the bottle thing.  I gave up after looking at them for over 15 minutes, I dont even know where to start??  
I think she will be set on clothes at least for the summer time.  I still need to get her some PJ's and shoes when we know her foot size.  I hope the clothes will fit, we have not received any updates since March so I am totally guessing on her size.
This process took so long and now everything is happening so fast!  I feel like I dont have enough time to finish everything I want to finish before she comes home.
We are still working on her room.  The curtains need to be finished and we are still waiting on the bed we order over 3 months ago!!  I am hoping it will be here this week or next at the latest.  We do have a crib so the bed is not too important but I would still just like the room to be finished because I know our time will be very limited once she is home.
Until next time......

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Ava Marie Qi YA

Here is a picture of our sweetie!!  She is so precious, we can not wait to have her in our arms in a couple of weeks!!

Pictures and new look coming soon!!

The boys striking a pose while visiting family in Arizona.

I am having a gal by the name of Rebecca spice my blog up!!  So it will soon have a new look and we will have pictures too!!
Things are crazy, I am trying to start a list for travel and to make sure my two youngest will be well taken care of while we are gone.  We have my Aunt and Uncle taking care of them the first week and my Mom is coming the last 2 weeks, my brother is also helping out the whole time.  Still trying to finish up her room too!  
I did a little shopping for Ava yesterday.  I bought a couple of cotton dresses, and few tops and some skirts.  I will probably buy the rest in China.  I am also waiting for the Ergo carrier I ordered to come.
Time to tackle the mountain of laundry!  Stay tune for a new look!!
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