Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Saturday, August 16, 2008

We made it home

We have been home for a few days now and it is so nice!  We adjusted pretty quickly but then Ava starting waking many times at night so we have taken a few steps back.
She slept through the night last night so we will see what happens tonight??  Sean and I have been taken turns with naps during the day just so we can make it until bedtime.
Ava is adjusting very well, it took her about one day to get use to the dog and cat, now she thinks they are pretty funny.  She does not like loud noises so I have to hold her when the blender is going for smoothies in the morning or the vacuum.  She is full of energy and has no fear!!  She will climb everything she can including moving chairs around where she needs them.  She does not stop moving until it is time for a nap or bed.  We are quickly trying to get baby locks and gates everywhere we need them and we can not do it fast enough.  She can even open all the doors into the bedroom or other rooms.  This kid is very bright and does not miss a beat!!  We never really baby proofed with our 4 boys but it will not be an option with her.
Tomorrow will be our first day at church and I dont think it is going to go over well.  Sean and I will have to take turns every other Sunday so we can at least hear a couple of sermons a month.  There have been so many things we forgot we needed, like a stroller.  It has also been cold here the last couple of days with a lot of rain and so I found out we have no long sleeve shirts or jackets!!  She has lots of cute dress and some leggings, she is also bigger shirt size than I would have thought.  Her torso is longer than her legs so 24month tops fit her better and pants are 18 months.  In just a few more days on the 20th she will be 19 months old.  Once school starts in a few weeks time is going to fly!  
Well it is 9:30pm better get the bottle ready, we have to wake up early and she is not a morning person.

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