Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Found out yesterday our LID was June 1st, 2010!!!!!!

The best part is that we are already 30 days into waiting for our LOA!!! And I think the average has been about 55 days lately!! So if that is the case for us we are more than half way there!!!

We sent off another little care package today with someone from our agency that is leaving for China on Friday!! We sent Gemma a T-shirt from our state, some stickers, lip balm, bracelets and kids all drew pictures for her!!! We pray that we start getting some correspondence from her soon!!

Things are crazy busy here. We have 8 kids right now because our nieces are visiting for a few weeks like they do every summer from Texas!! So this Mama is tired and does not have a whole lot of computer time!!

Be back for B&W Wednesday in a couple weeks.

Click on pics below to see bigger!!!!

Soren's artwork for Gemma

Gavin's artwork for Gemma

Ava's artwork

Keaton's artwork

Even the cousins got into it and drew pictures for Gemma!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Black and White Wednesday

We had a fun time in Arizona visiting family and friends. The kids swam from breakfast until after dinner everyday.

Having 8 days was still not enough time to see everyone and have time to relax. It was still nice to have a change of daily routine and enjoy some family time together.

We got lucky and was able to have Nana and Papa take all 5 kids for one night. We took that opportunity to go out and have a late night with some great friends and enjoy catching up. I enjoyed sleeping in the next morning but hubby got up before the sun and went out and took some pictures during the sunrise!!

The Mesa and Gilbert Valley and surrounding area is changing so fast. My hubby's favorite area is the Beeline Highway. Many changes are starting to happen out there so he took some pictures before the area is changed forever.

He converted a few to B&W and I think they look perfect that way!! Enjoy and for more wonderful B&W see Lisa's blog.

Saguaro Forest along Beeline Highway

More Saguaros in bloom

Old raceway tower on Beeline Highway

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ling Ling on her way to China!!

In the last update we got of Gemma she told us she loves stuff animals and she would love to have a Panda some day.

My little brother travels the world with a Disney stage show and is heading to China this week. He will be in China through the end of August. The last week of August his show will be in Guangzhou, China!! So we took the opportunity to to give him a package to deliver to Gemma.

Gemma will have the opportunity to actually see his show while he is there!! He getting tickets for her and her foster family to see it and possibly 10 other Journey of Hope kids!! How cool is that??!!

He will give her our package after the show!! I hope he will be able to take some pictures too.

We also sent a little note explaining we will probably not be there until sometime this fall. I hope she understands and knows we are still coming.

We are totally jealous that my little brother gets to see her in person before we do. We were actually hoping to be there at the same time so we could take her to the show but it is not working out that way.

We are 2 weeks into waiting for our LOA, I pray it comes quickly!!!

My little brother

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Black and White Wednesday

Air Force Academy Chapel Colorado Springs, CO.

A family trip last summer.

(that is us at the bottom walking up to the chapel)

We are away this week visiting family, left last Friday. Spent last Wednesday and Thursday packing.

Enjoying the nice warm AZ heat and sitting pool side every day.

Look forward to catching up with all the photos next week. Thanks for all the comments.

For more B&W see Lisa's Blog.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Black and White Wednesday

Last November of 2009 we got the opportunity to drive to California to meet Ava's cribmate and family for the first time.

We got lucky because my hubby had free Marriott points so no cost for Hotel and we had a Disney points Visa that had points for free park passes!!

So all we needed was gas and food to get to Disney!!

We had a wonderful time getting to know the other family and spent 3 1/2 days at Disneyland together.

The girls had so much fun with each other and the older kids really hit it off too and had a blast together. We all became fast friends!!

Since then we all keep up with each other on Facebook and the girls have Skyped each other.

They are trying to make it out to where we live this summer, we made a pack that we would try and get the girls together every 6 months or so, that is one trip a year for each of us!! Lucky us that we both have family in each others states!!

Ava loved her first trip to Disneyland. She waned to find all her favorite characters and give them hugs!! It was a success and she hugged everyone she wanted to.

We had one little episode while waiting in line for Pooh. We were two people away from hugging him and they did a character break. You would have thought the world was ending, she screamed and cried, just ear piecing!! Poor baby thought Pooh was going away for ever and she was soooo close!! We had to explain that he would be back in a few minutes! Thank goodness she understood and settled down!!

Ava and Mommy enjoying the night time Holiday Parade

California Adventure

California Adventure

The beautiful Castle all decorated for Christmas

For more B&W see Lisa's blog

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