Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Gemma is Home!!!!

All is going very well. Gemma tells us everyday how happy she is and how much she loves her new family!! The kids do not seem to have any jet lag by my hubby and I are dealing with it. She is a true delight and an answer to our prayers!! I know it is still the honeymoon but she has been like this since day one.

Tomorrow we see the dentist and she is very excited and keeps telling me Thank you Mommy. Her teeth are very sore and looks like she has some major cavities. Plus she has 4 broken adult teeth that will need to be fixed.

All the kids are playing and getting along well. Ava loves her big sister and Gemma loves her Mei Mei!! She even told us Ava woke up last night crying and Gemma got out of bed and patted her back to sleep! How sweet is that???

We are so blessed and very happy to start this new journey at home!! More soon.......
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