Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Our Travel Timeline!!!

So here is our travel timeline so far:

Nana and Papa arrive to watch the kids:
Oct. 21st

Leave for China:
Oct. 22nd
Arrive at the White Swan:
Oct. 23rd

Free Day:
Oct. 24th

Gemma Day:
Oct. 25th!!!!!!!!!

Nov. 2nd

Nov 4th

Leave for Hong Kong:
Evening of Nov. 4th

Spend some time in Hong Kong:
Nov. 5th-7th

Fly back to USA:
Nov. 8th

Get hit with major jet lag:
Nov. 8th-16th! :-)

Thursday, September 23, 2010


What a beautiful Autumn Moon Festival it was yesterday!!!! We enjoyed a yummy Chinese dinner and loads of ice cream instead of Moon cakes per the kids request!! ha Next year I will make my own yummy Moon cakes and we can have ice cream on the side!!

Yes, you are reading that right we have TA!!!!! It came about 4:30pm and I was totally not expecting it at all because it has been only 4 business days since our Article 5!!! So it was a double celebration last night.

We are leaving in 30 days, Holy Cow my head is spinning!!! Any tips on travel would be great or anything you could not live without especially for an older child. I have a huge list but it is so overwhelming right now!! I had to have a glass of wine last night just to calm myself down! It has been months and months since I have had wine!!!

We still have to switch rooms around too and paint!!! O MY GOODNESS!!!

Okay BREATHE.............BREATHE................BREATHE................ :)

Friday, September 3, 2010

She got our Bear!!!

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