Sunday, December 29, 2013

This was a beautiful sight Christmas Day

I just love seeing our church decorated like this during Christmas.  Wish I could have captured the grandness of it better but I did not want to go back further and get a bunch a people in the picture and distract from the beauty.

There is a part in the Mass where the sun comes through an upper window and hits Father just right. It makes him glow right during the Consecration.  I plan on bringing my camera next Sunday again and sitting in the front row to capture this. I hope I can even get the smoke from the incense as it rises in the sun rays. I tried to get this shot today but we were not sitting in the front row and I did not want to disturb people during the Mass. I took one picture but did not like the way I had to crop it or frame it. I also metered on Father's face which blew him out and made the rest of the picture too dark. Next week I will meter further down off his face to even the light and adjust my settings better.  Always learning and practicing. 

Have a blessed and safe New Year!

© Mei Meis and Mayhem