Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Art of Making Mud Pies

Summer is here for us already.  It has been gorgeous and in the low 80's for a few weeks now.  The nights still drop down into the 50's.  This is perfect weather in my book minus having an ocean close by. 

We have a section on the side of our house that is suppose to be for growing things, lol.  I dont have a green thumb so the kids have turned it into their mudpie making outdoor kitchen!  Ava enjoys it the most she will play for hours and be covered head to toe and Rowen loves to follow her. She taught him for the first time last week how to make mud pies.

They had a blast together and there came a point when I had to put the camera away so I could help them clean up and get sprayed down before coming back in the house.

I wish I was good at gardening so I could turn this area into some yummy organic food and spices. But honestly I just dont have the time to learn what it takes.

I think we will instead built a chicken coop over here and get a few chickens.  It is the perfect area for them to have free range.  And we benefit from them taking care of all our nasty bugs and spiders we have here in AZ.

Ava totally adores her baby brother. He is half her size yet she still attempts to carry him around. He loves her room and loves to sit at her little table the draw with her.  And Ava loves to mother him.

Rowen is such a blessing to our family, we cant imagine life without him.  He is always so happy and such a joy.  He is so lost when everyone leaves for school and it is just us.  He much prefers the craziness of all the troops being around.

Miss Ava has come a long way.  She is finally sleeping through the night after almost 5 years of having trouble.  We still have bed time issues but we are working with an amazing adoption therapist that I think will help us so much. We are also going to do some testing to pin point so other issues that we have noticed for awhile too.  Ava also receives speech therapy and really enjoys learning how to make the correct sounds.  Mommy has been her family translator for a few years now. 

She enjoys school so much but does struggle in a few areas so we are going back and forth about repeating kindergarten next year. We did it with two of our boys and it was the best decision we ever made.  I would hate to see her continue to struggle in the areas she does all through school and it will only get harder.

Next post I hope to have an update on Miss Gemma.  Just wanted to get some recent pictures to go along with it.


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Hi April,

Thanks so much for stopping by!!! So good to see you blogging again..... I adore that family photo up there in your header. You are so blessed!!!

Cannot get over all the cuteness.... Ava and Rowen are getting so big!

Our dog Rudy is a Havanese. He is hypoallergenic and non shedding...... so he is easy to keep up with around here.

Wishing you, Sean, and the family a very Happy Easter~



likeschocolate said...

Jealous! Please send your warm weather my way. Adorable!

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