Friday, July 25, 2008

Well today is the day!!!!

We are in Portland, OR at Sean's Dads.  We got here about 7:15pm last night.  Lori made a great dinner and we got to visit with family we had not seen in 1 1/2 years.  We also got to meet a new cousin "Spencer", he is 3 months and soooo cute!!!!  The older boys really enjoyed holding him and so did Auntie April!
We are looking forward to my brother coming over with his girls this morning before we leave.   Soren has not seen their other new cousin "Lois", she is also almost 3 months.
I will post pics of the new cousins later, Sean downloaded them on his computer so I will have him send them to me.
We are packed and ready to go, I cant believe it!  The younger boys are back at home having fun with their Great Aunt and Uncle's this week.  Next week my Mom will come and stay with them until we get back home.  She has a lot of fun things planned with them to keep them busy.
I better wake the rest of the crew up and get this show on the road!!!


mom and dad said...

We are almost as excited as you guys are, if thats possible. We look forward to following you trip via pics and blog.

Be safe and have fun.
Love Mom and Dad

m-lo said...

your blog is so cute!! I am so excited for you guys and we will definatley be following your trip on line. good luck with the humidity and the long flight!

Rosie said...

Hi can I put you in my links page as we have three boys and waiting for our daughter since 05 but we can't change to SN as we are from the UK!! our system is tough and frustrating but I'm elated for you!!!!!
Our blog is

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