Tuesday, July 22, 2008

So do you like the new look??

Did Rebecca do a awesome job or what!!!!!  Thank you so much, I love my blog!!!!
Okay, so we have two more days and we are on a jet plane.  Everything is taken care of now we have to start packing and do some last minute house cleaning.  We also need to change the car seats around for when we return and my Mom picks us up at the airport.  Two days, I cant believe it!!!!  
It is going to be so hard to leave the youngest too kiddos,  I really wish we could have taken everyone and gone as a complete family.  Thank goodness for Skype, at least we will be able to see and talk to each other over the computer.
We have zero humidity where we live so we are not looking forward to the weather in Guangzhou.  I will be living in tanks and skirts and my favorite chacos!!
Well time to get packing!!!  I will also download some pics soon of Ava's room it is 3/4 finished.  Until next time....


Andrea said...

So you were the one looking for the little girl. Unbelievable. I remember seeing that post and feeling a panic come over me. What a blessing and how amazing that that parent with the file saw your post and RETURNED the file! She is a beauty! What a happy ending. Have a great time in China. Soak up everything you can. It is an amazing place.
I'm glad you have decided to come a blogger. We have a really good time around here.:0)


EllieNat said...

Wishing you a wonderful trip to China.

P.S. Love the look of your blog!

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