Tuesday, July 8, 2008

2 weeks until we leave!!!

I can not believe we have two weeks until we leave!  We spent a couple of hours at the store last night getting things from our ever growing list.  We still need to make another trip, it got too late and we went home.
It felt so weird to be buying diapers and wipes again.  I nursed my four boys, then they went straight to cups so I have never done the bottle thing.  I gave up after looking at them for over 15 minutes, I dont even know where to start??  
I think she will be set on clothes at least for the summer time.  I still need to get her some PJ's and shoes when we know her foot size.  I hope the clothes will fit, we have not received any updates since March so I am totally guessing on her size.
This process took so long and now everything is happening so fast!  I feel like I dont have enough time to finish everything I want to finish before she comes home.
We are still working on her room.  The curtains need to be finished and we are still waiting on the bed we order over 3 months ago!!  I am hoping it will be here this week or next at the latest.  We do have a crib so the bed is not too important but I would still just like the room to be finished because I know our time will be very limited once she is home.
Until next time......


The Chase-Dobiash Family said...

Love your site. I finally get the timeline. Wow!

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