Tuesday, July 15, 2008

One Week, but who is counting!!!

I cant not believe we have one week until we leave!!!  I am still working on my list, I think the only thing I have left are gifts for the nanny and director.  It seems every time I go to the store this last couple of weeks it is another $100 and I have been several times.  I also still need to super clean my house and prepare for the two younger boys to stay behind.
Tomorrow I will go shopping for new sheets for our bed before anyone else sleeps in it!!  We have one pair of King sheets that we have had for over 7 years and I just wash them and put them back on.  I would not pay anyone to sleep on them! :-)  I just hate spending the money for King sheets they are so expensive.

We are still debating whether we should bring antibiotics for ourselves?  We don't really have a doctor here yet so I don't know if any doctor would even give us any??  We have lots of other meds we are bringing.

My new face lift on my blog should be ready soon, it looks great!!  We are just changing a couple of things then it should be ready to go.  I cant wait for everyone to see it Rebecca did an awesome job!  Until next time......


Ann said...

excited to follow along! we did bring antibiotics for everyone. didn't need them but felt better knowing we had it. Cipro for the adults and something else for the kids.

Are you having your blog professionally facelifted? Can't wait to see the results and might need her name!

Sara said...

Hi April!

I'm so excited to follow along on your journey to get Ava! It is exhausting, but soooo worth it. Miya is doing great and we are glad to be home.

I am so glad I brought cold meds and Advil with me. Be sure to take those with you. I haven't had much time to check email, but am trying to get caught up when Miya naps.

Jet leg is a killer...we've only been home for 5 days and I still feel so off schedule. I don't have any advice for getting over jet let, but maybe by the time you get home I'll have something to share. :-)

Have a wonderful trip! I'll be following along...can't wait to see Ava in your arms!


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