Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ending Summer Vacation with a Bang!!

Daddy and Ava, chillin in the warm water.
The boys enjoying the Mummy tube ride.
Mommy and Ava hanging on the tube ride.
Mommy racing down the slide on the left.

Mommy and Ava having fun in the wave pool.

I cant believe school is finally starting next Monday.  It has been a long summer, my kids go to a Charter School and they were building a new school building this summer so lucky us we got 4 months of summer!!  All of their neighborhood friends have already been in school for a month and the boys have been bored to death!  Four months of summer is way too long.  But God knew what we needed with our trip to China this summer, if school would have started on schedule the boys would have been back in school 2 days after we got home.  That would have been a nightmare, I am so thankful we have had an extra month to settle in with Ava.  The kids are ready to go back even if they wont admit it. :-)
My brother has been with us all summer and was a great help with our animals when we were in China.  He was also great company when my hubby was traveling this summer with work.  Thanks Norm!  Yesterday we took him to the airport for his flight to Spain, he will be working in over 11 countries over the next 10 months in Europe.  He works for Feld Entertainment and is in a Disney Magic show, what a life.
Anyway, after we took him to the airport we took the kids out to lunch and then we headed to Water World for the first time.  It was the last day of the season and we never had a chance to check it out this summer.  We had an amazing time and four hours was not long enough.  Ava loves the water and enjoying all the rides.  We made the decision when we left that next year we will buy season passes and enjoy it many times next summer!!  The weather was perfect and in the mid 80's.  Everyone made the hour drive back home and we all crashed 15 minutes after walking through the door.
Enjoy the pictures at our wonderful day at the water park.....


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