Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It has been awhile!

Keaton and baby Will (my girlfriends little man)

Well my hubby left last Sunday the 12th to go out of town for the week. I had a hard time after dropping him off at the airport, Ava does not do well at night when he is gone and I new I had a long week ahead of me.
Sunday night she went to bed as usual. I got all the boys down and finished cleaning up the kitchen from dinner. I got ready for bed myself and laid my head on my pillow at 10:00pm, the second I closed my eyes she started crying! Nothing I did would make her happy or help her go back to sleep. She cried from 10:00pm until 4:15am, I was sooo tired and I new I had to get up at 6:00am to get all the boys ready for school.
I got the boys off to school and she was very crabby and so was I after having no sleep. She went down for a early nap. I closed my eyes for an hour then got up and finished cleaning the house, I had two girlfriends coming in from out of town with their little ones to visit for a couple of days.
Monday night the same thing happened, she woke at 11:00pm and cried until 4:30am. I was now going on 48 hours with no sleep! I was so tired I barely made it to the airport to get my girlfriends without falling asleep at the wheel. Ava sleep the whole time in the car so there would be no nap for me when we got back home.
I made a call to my hubby in tears asking him to come home early, I did not know how I was going to function with another night of no sleep. Ava also started coming down with a cold Tuesday night. My girlfriends wanted to help but she would not go to them and would freak if I left her sight. My hubby could not come home until Wednesday night, he had a bunch of important meeting he needed to finish. So I got to repeat another sleepless night on Tuesday night!! Now 72 hours of not more than 3 hours of sleep, I was a wreck!!
Wednesday night was heaven, my hubby came home and took care of Ava. I slept all night and it felt great! Ava also slept for daddy like she usually does.
Thursday morning my girlfriends and I got a couple of hotel rooms through the weekend and had a great time together, even though I was still trying to catch up on sleep. We had fun shopping and hanging out together. We had not been together in 4 years. Both of my girlfriends have seven kids so it was a nice break for them with just their youngest.
My hubby held down the fort at home with our five kiddos. He did experience a few sleepless nights because Ava ended up with an pretty bad ear infection. She is getting better and takes her medicine like a champ!
This week my hubby is home and the house is running normal. He is suppose to be out of town all next week but we are going to try and have a plan B just in case Ava decides not to let Mama sleep again.
The picture below is myself and my two girlfriends on my back deck. I cant believe how tired I look, was dragging big time!


m-lo said...

April, How are you? your blog is so cute- I love the background.

Sorry about your sleepless nights- that stinks.

I love the hiking pics they turned out great.

And please tell me they don't have dresses like that in Jessy's size or I will be broke- they are so cute!

When are you coming to visit? Hope all is well with you. tell everyone hello from me and Jessy.

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